Christian Schism Review

Christian Schism Review

Christian Schism Review is international scientific open access journal dedicated to the scientific study of various aspects of divisions in Christianity in the past and present

The development of the journal is planned to be carried out in several thematic areas presented below
The scientific journal "Christian Schism Review" is thematically focused on the study of various aspects of the formation, development and current state of divisions in Christianity as a phenomenon and phenomenon in history.

The journal studies the issues of schisms in Christian churches that have arisen in the past or currently exist in the world.

The journal publishes research on the causes of schisms in Christian churches, the prerequisites for them, their history, the study of their formation and development; transformation, extinction or their disappearance.

From the magazine's point of view, the fact that there is division in Christendom, past or present, is not in itself a positive or negative phenomenon. The authors have the right to offer their own assessment of such a phenomenon as division or schism in Christianity on the basis of their own research. It is proposed to analyze the causes of the schism, the history of its course and the consequences for Christian churches.

The journal is focused exclusively on the scientific study of the causes that led to the emergence of divisions of Christian churches, as well as the subsequent history of the development of a segregated part of a particular church or community of believers.

The journal is interested in publishing scientific research, regardless of the confessional and religious affiliation of the author. The journal does not emphasize the value of articles on the basis of a statement about the author's belonging to the Christian religion or sympathy for it.

Book reviews are published on divisions in Christianity that were published no earlier than one year before the day the manuscript was received by the editors.

Surveys about the held conferences, round tables, presentations, forums, thematic meetings.

It is possible to publish author's translations or excerpts from previously published collections or books about divisions in Christianity that have become a notable event in the national or international scientific space.


In accordance with the definition of open access formulated at the Budapest Conference on Open Access, users of the journal are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, quote full-text articles of the journal, provide links to them without prior approval from the publisher or author of the material.
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