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Dear authors,
The journal "Christian Schism Review" invites the publication of original research, relevant to the subject of the publication.

Authors wishing to publish in the journal should familiarize themselves with the Rules for Submitting Manuscripts, the Regulations on Peer Review, and the Ethics of Scientific Publications.

The presented publication rules are developed by the editors of the journal and are mandatory for potential authors. The rules for the design of a bibliographic description in the Roman alphabet are a standard developed by the journal and necessary for the design of all manuscripts without exception.

The journal strives to meet the high international requirements for writing and designing scientific articles, and encourages authors to submit their work in an acceptable format for publication.

All authors will be provided with one or more printed copies of the issue.
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Articles are accepted in electronic form
Articles of at least are accepted for publication
7-20 thousand words and originality of at least 95%